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12/25/2013 Common errors that can damage a site ranking

As a content developer, you write decent informative articles. You expect they will deliver new visitors and ranking potential to the site.  Instead,  the site ranking fell and our new content is not even in the search engine indexes.

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Sam Sam

11/11/2013 Responsive web design

Responsive web design (RWD) is a technique which uses fluid layouts (which "stretch" to as much screen real estate as possible) in addition to the CSS "@media queries," which apply different style sheets (CSS) based on the current screen size of the device.
With responsive design, a website will fit virtually any device with a full browser: smartphones, iPad + other tablets (both landscape and portrait modes), and even TVs.

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9/27/2013 Building Websites Optimized for All Platforms

Today Web is accessible almost everywhere.  PCs,
laptops, tablets, smart phones and more allow accessing content anywhere and
anytime. It shows a need to display and optimize content to different platforms.
How to optimize websites for different platforms is a comment SEO question.

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Sam Sam

9/26/2013 New Tags in HTML 5

HTML 5 is a new specification of HTML designed to follow HTML 4.01 and was created by designers who were not satisfied with the direction the W3C was taking HTML.

HTML5 introduces many new tags, including several devoted to better describing a document's structure and take on some of the load that has required complex JavaScript or browser plug-ins.

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9/26/2013 Pushing for Google+

Google is challenging Facebook by requiring people to use the Google+ social network. The result is that people who create an account to use Gmail, YouTube and other Google services are also being set up with public Google+ pages that can be viewed by anyone online.

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